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May 26th, 2010, 22:47
It's hard to choose an overall best music because imo the music for CRPGs can be divided into those where it was MIDI only, as opposed to those with a "live sound" i.e. like you're watching an orchestra or other ensemble play it live with real instruments. The MIDI tracks all take me back to playing C64 or Atari ST games. In that regard my favorites are Ultima VII (love Stones), and RoA series. Or any of those Thalion games from the 80's.

For the "live" or "realistic" soundtracks, Black Isle excelled here with BG 1 & 2, IWD. However, Diablo is my all time favorite (loaded with atmosphere). This is followed closely by Planescape and Fallout. Both of these can be appreciated most if listening by headphones. Fallout certainly was more like ambient noise, but it still had music.
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