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May 27th, 2010, 15:17
15 minutes of rushed impressions (13 hour work day - just can't keep going).

Graphics are much nicer than I expected - it's looks quite good (not cutting edge good, but better than I expected). Good framerate (so far) on a lowish system with most things enabled or high.

Control feels decent, though not as sharp as the best action games - perhaps better than Mass Effect 1 but not as smooth as Mass Effect 2 or "real" shooters. You can select locations when you're in cover and have Mike dive / run automatically to them by pressing space, which is nice.

The first two dialogues have a choice with a very minor consequence - not bad straight off the bat. The mini-games (hacking, lock-picking) aren't too bad as far as mini-games go. The hacking one actually makes some sense, though I'm sure it will get tiresome after the entire game.

…And that's it for now. Definitely feels promising to me but there's a long road ahead.
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