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May 29th, 2010, 15:35
Got my new computer set up, though it'll probably be much of the day before getting everything installed. I'm going to try the high-def DDO instead of regular. I should be able to run it.

We should probably list our characters, at least those of use who jump around a lot. At least I'm confusing most everybody with a different character every week.

Rachail - Human Paladin
Suisaidh - Halfling monk
Mirie - Warforged wizard
Aerii - Elf Cleric
Fireflash - Elf Exploiter
Ijii Drow Bard
Grimmlck - Dwarf Fighter

I'm forgetting someone I'm sure. I think. Maybe. I deleted my FvS, since I never played her any. Not going to create another one, though I might build a second Cleric for lower levels, since our mains are getting high enough now that we can't group with some of the alts without an xp penalty. Grimm isn't in the guild yet, I keep forgetting to bring him in. I do still have a Mureall, but that's my floating slot.

Peter, on Divine Vitality, you should save that for Corwin, or any Cleric/Wizard/FvS/Sorcerers we have with us. Fireflash and Rachail have very few sp. Fireflash has no spells that would matter in a pinch, and Rachail can use LoH in an emergency. Iji has more sp and can heal in a pinch, but she should not be a priority. Corwin's Wizard's damage output is more important, especially since I can just suck down a sp pot with Iji.
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