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May 29th, 2010, 17:21
@ Sammy: Bladerunner is a movie that never disappoints. One of the few films that I can watch more than once and still enjoy. I got a giggle out of you watching Clan of the Cave Bear—haven't seen it as a movie, and it's been years since I read the books, but I remember them as classic chick literature, with strong, powerful gorgeous super smart super competent women fighting hideous injustice and oppression with compassion and deep inner strength and purpose, frustrated by evil, corrupt and vicious males (except for the brooding, silent, incredibly sensitive and sexually expert heroes, of course)—can't believe they made a movie out of that stuff—I assume it was X-rated? The books certainly were—though they did have a lot of interesting historical detail about the Stone Age as sort of a side dish.

We rented Nightwatch last weekend; excellent creepy psycho killer flick and I can't believe I hadn't seen it. Well worth a rental if psychological horror is your thing.
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