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May 29th, 2010, 23:47
Anastasiia The Sneak - Halfling Rogue (4)
Khethermyl Tahlyl - Elven Fighter (5)

If I ever get around to playing more I probably won't be close in levels to any of you sad to say.

Keep your eyes open for any +3 longswords drops! My fighter is a whirlwind fighter but has been using the +3 Humongous 2 handed sword that Peter gave me due to the damage. I go back to dual longs and it's not the same. LOVE that thing! All my points are in dual so I should get back to that.

Will try to play more this week and try for Friday. Yesterday I forgot that the time for play was 4pm and not 6pm so I missed it.

@Dte: Hope you feel better sweets! Migraines suck rocks!
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