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May 30th, 2010, 00:48
I got DDO installed on the new computer, high def this time. It's like a whole different game, graphically, and actually runs faster despite being maxed out. I also don't have to struggle with my hotbars taking up 90% of the screen. Now all 10 are nice and snug off to the side, ignored when not needed.

There's also some sort of nighttime event going on in the marketplace. You get to chase succubi around. *shrug*

To continue the discussion of Wiz vs Sorc, I built an elf of each today. Maxed out their main stats. Both are level 4 vet builds.

The Wizard had 1 extra feat, 350sp vs Sorcerer's 465 sp. The extra feat went to Mental Toughness, which gave 10+ 20sp. Elf Wizards also get an additional sp boosting line, so +15 there. So 115sp difference between the two. Not particularly significant.

The Sorcerer had 1 level 2 and 4 level 1 spells. Wizard got 2 spells a level plus 7 to start, and gained level 2 spells a level sooner. So 4 level 2 spells, 9 level 1 spells known. Wizard could memorize 4 level 1 and 3 level 2 spells. One I picked was False Life, which gives (at level 4) 14 hp, and it does stack with aid (tried it with Mirie; very nice spell to have around on a squishy wizard). I also picked Snowball Storm, the ghetto level 2 version of Ice Storm. I have no idea how good it is, never used it (Mirie doesn't have it). The Sorc had no choice; either damage or buff.

Sorcerer had 1 skill point/level. Wizard 6. Enhancements, other than the Elf-Wizard specific one, were the same. So damage output is the same, at least at low levels.
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