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May 30th, 2010, 16:33
The character levels are listed on the guild page which is a simple way to get that info. Who owns what character is what confuses me. lol
Testovina - Fighter 6
Kerriakan - Cleric 5
Kerrizad - Wiz 3 (Most likely not long for this world)
Kerriahalf - Rogue 5

We could pick a week to just use low level alts and help each other level them up a bit. We can split up into teams not only in game but on skype call if it proves to be needed. Running two groups was not a problem last time with all of us on one call. But we do have options. And if needs be we can grab one hireling if needed for one team. The cleric and fighter ones are not too bad. The others need too much management and the Barbarian just runs off hitting everything. lol

It was a fun session and no one lost their clothes this week. !
Bart and Corwin should just admit that when it gets down to it, I will have the final say.
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