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May 31st, 2010, 04:50
I can easily bring in a character that is down to level 4, and fill almost any role. Fireflash can handle traps, Ijii can heal a bit and buff, etc… About the only thing I don't have a lower level for is a dedicated healer, but we can grab a couple hirelings or try and pull a random person off for the role. So even if I'm on Rachail, feel free to send a message if I'm on. I can always bring in somebody to play.


After soloing a bit with my floating sorc, I've found that Snowball Storm isn't actually all that bad. Keep in mind it's a level 2 spell. It's basically a weaker, cold damage fireball. As a Sorc won't get level 3 spells until level 6, it's a fair area effect spell to pick up early on, though for a Wizard it might be more worthwhile to just take Melf's instead, and wait a level. I'll probably swap it out later, true, but for now when soloing it's my most efficient means of taking on groups.

2d6 + 40% (so 2-12 + 1-4 or so, for 2-16 damage per hit, and I've hit as many as 9 in one go tonight. Compared to Flaming Hands/Acid Burst which may hit 3, but will mean you get hit as well.) At level 6, Fireball will replace it. But then, I'll be replacing most of my attack spells then anyway.

Targeting is an issue, as it targets an area, not a critter. Sort of like Fireball, from the way some of Corwin's explode away from the critters he was aiming for.

In terms of soloing, I still rarely run out of spell points, but can basically nuke my way through the quests. I ran Garrison's, and only resorted to my melee weapon a few times, when it wasn't worth the effort of casting a spell. Last fight, I just ran in, spammed Snowball Storm a couple of times, then Magic Missiled the boss the rest of the way.

Despite missing about half the time with my SS targeting, I still had 100sp to spare at the end. I did find a Power III robe on Fireflash earlier which I sent along. So that's an additional 60sp, making for 485. I could probably find a Power or Wizardry item giving my 100-150sp on the AH, farm a CHA+2 item from Stand Your Ground, and be pushing 600+.

*edit again*

Apparently there's a bonus to loot drops this week. Loot dropping is currently 2 levels higher than normal. I pulled a Flaming Club of Pure Good, a Frost Byshek Bastard Sword, and a Glaciation III ring (+40% to level 3 and lower Cold spells). Among other nice drops. I even had three people start arguing over who I'd trade the Bastard Sword too, until I told them it had long since been sold on the AH.

BTW, with that Ring, my Sorc does more damage now with Snowball Storm than with Flaming Hands. My current tactic to to use Expeditious Retreat, run around gathering mobs to myself, then blasting them once or twice. Bash in the heads of the few survivors. With MM doing 12-16pts damage now as well, I can use it for single targets pretty well. I need a power item on another slot, then I can use the Robe of the Duality from Catacombs and get some more power out of my spells. Though I do like the looks of my current Robe.
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