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May 31st, 2010, 20:39
District 9 - good glot we hated that film, from beginning to end we just wished the main character would die. We're obviously in the minority since on rottentomatoes people are gushing about it left and right, its got a 90%.

I feel like we wasted a good chunk of my evening watching it, I felt bad that I lured my girl away from her Simple Zoo game to watch it. You have alien jet fuel which is what - also a biological agent capable of rearranging DNA and transforming beings into alternate lifeforms? This guy tosses like two people aside and goes out the backdoor of a maximum security military installation? And if all these scattered alien weapons are so damn strong in the first place (strong enough that two beings can blast into a maximum security installation and take on entire forces), then wouldnt it take just a handful of well-equipped hostile aliens to decimate untold legions of humans? And on and on, i rolled my eyes so many time I was getting dizzy after an hour. Just one unplausible (within the realm of the fiction) and outright stupid development upon another had us just wishing he would just die already and get the movie over with.

Hated it
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