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June 2nd, 2010, 11:55
Don't forget the choice and consequence which at least to me is very important in an RPG…. it quickly creates exponential amounts of opportunities and possibles.

Another thing I never understood is why the companies are not using a quest editor. I made a quite simple one based on block graphs.

Stop the drug trade.

Branch 1: Kill the leader
Branch 2. Frame the leader
Branch 3. Burn the fields

Each of these have subbranches, and after that the scripts are generated from the blocks, you'll never miss any path, and it is easy to get an overview, as long as your scripts are solid you don't need to test them in game either.

+ You can write a spider who goes through the graph, and check if there is any redundancy or exploits.

To me it has always been a mystery why companies don't use this……
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