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June 2nd, 2010, 14:45
Well, I figured the idea MUST be out there, but in a lot of roleplaying games even recent ones it is so obvious they didn't use anything like this, which just keeps me perplexed, actually I did not write it before because I am sure there would be a market to sell it. But as busy as I am I would probably never have time to finish it and make it advance and generic enough to sell to any sort of RPG games anyway……. so it might be better to get out there and improve all the RPGs. I even found it amusing I mean companies spends millions of dollars to write advance shaders and radiant AI ( which doesn't work ) and advance engine features and what not. But they can't write such a simple thing as a quest flow editor, which would improve the game a lot more than any of the things mentioned earlier + reduce a huge amount of bugs.

I don't really want to reveal exactly how it works though, maybe after Tactica: MoF is done…..
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