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June 3rd, 2010, 15:57
Originally Posted by pibbur View Post
Care to tell us why?
You mean explain how all that wasted resources making just another generic RPG MMO could've been better used making a truly next-gen single player experience?

THIS is why us PC gamers keep talking and comparing every new game with games like Planescape, DeusEx or VTMB. These days all we get is generic RPG setting with generic plot and only two ways to solve almost every quest in the game.

Turn these RPG's into MMO and people will pay you for years to play same moronic quests over and over and if they get bored, they will ditch the game half way through and start a new character in a new MMO with same generic quests with new graphics of course.

No one great kickass RPG experience for us offline gamers. Make your game MMO and rake in moolah with genric RPG 3000 (cause lets face it, unless you have a console fanbase like Bethesda, making SP RPG is suicide unless you have a solid setting like Planescape.. which no one does).




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