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June 4th, 2010, 02:05
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
He didn't like ME2 but I'm not sure why that makes his opinion any less valid. Anyway, I have often enjoyed games more as I played further - some of my favourite ever games I either didn't like at first, or even put aside for some time. However, I can certainly understand a different point of view. You've played the worst part of the game, haven't been able to develop your character much and haven't seen any of the reactivity but if you can't "tolerate" it, no point in wasting your time.
Fair enough, maybe I'll give it another try in the future when I'm not so backlogged with other games. I wasn't aware that Saudi Arabia is the worst area of the game, I hadn't seen anyone say that until now.

I doubt it will make much of a difference though, my own lack of interest in the particular setting and theme make it hard for me to like it. The fact that it has such a consolish feel to it makes it even harder for me to overcome my initial feelings.
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