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June 7th, 2010, 18:44
Originally Posted by RivianWitch View Post
Eh? The unique "alien" look is a large part of what made MW so great; it was unique and different, not the usual space futuristic fare, not the usual medieval tired worn-out setting, and not the same old tired post-nuclear apocolyptic setting either.

It was something that belonged only to itself. Even the backstory was like a weird breath of fresh air compared to the tired, generic same-old, same old "save the world fom an ancient evil" generic claptrap.
Indeed. The world looked different in an interesting way, and I don't know of any other cRPG that achieved anything similar. Plus, the "evil" boss seems actually to be a victim, and both of your main quest givers have dubious motives at best.

I guess that the final insult is that your success is responsible for the destruction of Morrowind. Well, if you believe how Bethesda chose to extend their history time line.
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