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June 7th, 2010, 20:25
Originally Posted by Davion View Post
Urgh, it sounds like they are actually concidering to turn Radeon Labs into a browser-games developer. Talk about wasting potential.
Form what I've read that is exactly what is happening.
Originally Posted by Ergonpandilus View Post
And I bet the license for TDE is rather cheap really since as I've understood, TDE is not doing that great and they don't even have money to release the rulebooks in English.
Believe it or not in the 1980s there were localized versions of TDE in French, Italian and Dutch.
Originally Posted by spiraling69 View Post
more importantly, when can we expect the English version of DSA2?
English DSA2? That was released in 1994. If you mean English DSA5 (The River of Time) I'd say that the publishers will waste at least 7 months between the German and the English release arguing how to make the most money off it, and later they'll complain that a 7 month old game did not perform as planned.
Originally Posted by WorstUsernameEver View Post
I'm not an expert about Drakensang by any means but.. isn't the TDE license one of the pillars on which the game is based?
Can they even do a sequel without the license?
There is no way Bigpoint can do Drakensang 3 without the TDE license, period. The name of the game stems from a summit in the TDE universe, they are using a modified version of the TDE rulset, etc…
Only a "from the makers of Drakensang" tagline for a new game.
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