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June 7th, 2010, 21:51
Originally Posted by RivianWitch View Post
Eh? The unique "alien" look is a large part of what made MW so great; it was unique and different, not the usual space futuristic fare, not the usual medieval tired worn-out setting, and not the same old tired post-nuclear apocolyptic setting either.

It was something that belonged only to itself. Even the backstory was like a weird breath of fresh air compared to the tired, generic same-old, same old "save the world fom an ancient evil" generic claptrap.
I agree wholeheartedly.

More time passes the value of mw just keeps rising. I began replayng morrowind a while back (using few mods ofcourse) and it is an impressive game. It just magical how well everything connects together in that game. Culture, history, traditions, architechture, landscape, music score, quests… Its one of the most coherent gameworlds I've experienced. The vanilla game feels a bit static and npcs are wooden at times but if you implement few mods here and there, it becomes much better. The best thing is that everything is built and writen around main questline. The problems between great houses, new imperial rule vs old traditions, clash of religions, lost histories of dwarven. Its a trip of a lifetime.

Oblivion certainly improved gameplay mechanics (like how easily you can use magic with melee or the manual blocking and the new traps etc) and the the daily routines for npcs is a nice thing, but it feels so bland, generic and unintresting. Most of all i hate how every questline happens inside of it's own bubble. You could finish mainquest and it would have very little connection to the mages guild for example. Plus like you said it was a generic world saving tour.

Mw has it's share of meaningless errand quests but on the otherhand many quests have intresting backstories and they are connected to the main questline in some way. You can't become master in each faction either. Oblivion side quests aren't bad really (infact some of them are really fun) but scaling, handholding and other dumb features ruin the enjoyment, exploration and discovery. and the fact that there are no quest conflicts.
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