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June 7th, 2010, 22:20
Originally Posted by noctrun View Post
Form what I've read that is exactly what is happening.
I just refuse to believe, that they would waste all that talent, the working engine and EXPERIENCE just like that. But as promised in the interview, we shall know more in near future.

Originally Posted by noctrun View Post
English DSA2? That was released in 1994. If you mean English DSA5 (The River of Time) I'd say that the publishers will waste at least 7 months between the German and the English release arguing how to make the most money off it, and later they'll complain that a 7 month old game did not perform as planned.
Oh, come on 99% in this forum understands that DSA2 means Drakensang: The River of Time.

Though, it's nice to remind younglings that there HAS been other The Dark Eye CRPGs before…

Localization progress is usually started at once for ALL the languages, because even the native language often needs spellcheck like all the others. So I have to agree with you about argying part. As far as I've understood, the international versions should be ready and waiting for publisher to make a move. Luckily the (german) version is quite bugfree and we shouldn't need any patches, since they most likely are not coming out anymore. The addon on the other hand might be more tricky, since even the german version is not ready yet. I wish they would launch Gold/Exnteded/Reloaded/Etc version of DSA2:TRoT with the addon internationally in autumn.
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