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June 7th, 2010, 22:03
Originally Posted by Ergonpandilus View Post
And I bet the license for TDE is rather cheap really since as I've understood, TDE is not doing that great and they don't even have money to release the rulebooks in English. .
They have the money, but no customers. Are they supposed to make loss from their core business?
Originally Posted by noctrun View Post
There is no way Bigpoint can do Drakensang 3 without the TDE license, period. The name of the game stems from a summit in the TDE universe, they are using a modified version of the TDE rulset, etc…
Only a "from the makers of Drakensang" tagline for a new game.
Doesn't necessarily mean that Significant GbR holds also the name rights to Drakensang. It could simply be part of an agreement between the P&P licencee Ulixes and the CRPG sublicence holder Radon Labs that guaranteed Ulixes the use of the game's name for that campaign as both parties wanted to profit by that business relationship. At least the game package says Drakensang - Am Fluß der Zeit (c) dtp Entertainment AG.
Originally Posted by Ergonpandilus View Post
Localization progress is usually started at once for ALL the languages, because even the native language often needs spellcheck like all the others.
Didn't they say english localization has already been done? (but as always no english publisher)
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
And even that it not easy to get. Although I saw it a few times at the RPC.
It's sold out.
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