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June 7th, 2010, 22:04
btw, is it just me or do dtp and Bigpoint not agree on who is going to publish the addon? dtp said that Radon Labs demise didn't change anything for Phileassons Secret and the English version of River of Time. My guess is that dtp at least thinks it holds the publishing rights for both, so it's not really Bigpoints decision whenever it would be a download and/or boxed. I'm fairly sure dtp helped to finance this thing and if there is money changing hands you can be sure there are contracts.
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But not for the fourth edition. There is an English-language rule book out there - but that's it. No further translations.
Besides the 4th Edition Basic Rules FanPro USA also published The Secret of the Blue Tower and Witching Hours and World of Aventuria.
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Oh, come on 99% in this forum understands that DSA2 means Drakensang: The River of Time.
Well 99.9% of the people not going DSA2? matter of sorcery is this? will never associate DSA2 with River of Time. The usual River of Time abbreviation is (unfortunatly (IMHO)) Drasa2. If it would have been TDE2, I woundn't have said anything.
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Doesn't necessarily mean that Significant GbR holds also the name rights to Drakensang. It could simply be part of an agreement that guaranteed Ulixes the use of the game's name for that campaign as both parties wanted to profit by that business relationship.
I don't want to add anything to speculation like that, but the name may very well be owned by dtp.

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It's sold out.
The printed ones may be but they still exist as ebooks, no "sold out" there.
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