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June 8th, 2010, 05:15
Thanks to Corwin and dte for help in hitting 5 on my Sorc. She now has about 600sp, without any real significant gear to help out.

Oddly, yesterday when I logged on with Fireflash for a bit, some random person gave me a wand of cure serious, 32 charges. There's a few charitable folks around apparently.

DDO is going through some hefty nerfs, particularly to Two Weapon Fighting. It's not longer a viable combat style for non-melees (Paladin, Barbarian, Ranger, Fighter), oddly which doesn't include Monk. Of those, Ranger Tempest and Fighter Kensai get the lesser hits, with only a 25% drop in damage output. Yes, 25%. The reason was to reduce lag, which it actually may make it worse (tested on the preview server, with a low population, has identical lag as current live servers with a heavy population).

THF loses glancing blows while moving. This means a more static fighting style, and a loss of DPS, though how much I don't know.

Master's Touch is nerfed to only give proficiency in equipped weapons. Not an issue for any guildies, as my bard uses a staff, Corwin uses TWF, and no one else plays an Arcane. But as a common tactic for low level arcanes is to grab a great axe and cast Master's Touch to survive the early levels where you lack sp to do even a short quest, this is a major change.

Arcanes get a few new spells, mostly Negative Energy offensive spells. All are for the useless Pale Master PrE Wizard line, as they heal the Wizards while undead. But they're available for Sorcs, so I may pick up Death Aura.

Monk gets two PrE's, Ninja Spy which makes Short Swords a Monk weapon and gives sneak attack damage (which somewhat helps with the TWF nerf) and Shintao which gives a Smite, Prot from Evil, and a few other things. Basically making them more like a Unarmed Paladin.

Halflings get a new walk animation.

New adventure pack, level 5 IIRC though. Also new named items, some of which look good (particularly the Mirror Cloak).
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