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June 9th, 2010, 13:57
Look here for full update 5 list of changes:

Info about the TWF nerfing is here:

The nerfing has been changed lately and now the rules are like this:

To save calculating time the game engine will only calculate attacks with the main hand attack and instead check your feats etc. for the percentage that you also made an attack with the off map weapon.

Before you had a 100% chance to attack with the offhand weapon. Now the rules are like this:
No feats: 20% chance
TWF feat: 40% chance
Improved TWF feat: 60% chance
Greater TWF feat: 80% chance

So it seems like TWF (two weapon fighting) is pretty nerfed at low levels, but become better with higher levels. You can get greater TWF at level 12. I have that with one of my paladins.

This means that if you get TWF you're pretty much forced to take all the other TWF feats (ITWF, GTWF) to make it useful, but I think most people do it anyway.
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