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June 9th, 2010, 23:48
The Petition - http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/drakensang/

What we want for the future of the “Drakensang”, is that it will be furthermore a classical old school RPG, based on “The Dark Eye”-Ruleset, with an acceptable Multiplayer for roleplayers.


This petition was started, to show the licence holders of “The Dark Eye” and “Drakensang”, as well as BigPoint that there are many fans who are afraid their beloved fantasy world will be going down the drain.
There are a few points fiercely discussed in the community, since Radon Labs was bought out by BigPoint. These Points are:

Old School RPG
In fact fans want this kind of RPG. Clicking through dialogue sequences and watching cutscenes isn’t the idea of roleplaying.
There is a huge target audience for old school RPG, also in other countries. Not every game has to be a “World of Warcraft”- or “Dragon Age”-clone, to be sold. PC-Games-Industry feeds the market with ever the same content, rather than addressing a totally underestimated target audience, who’s kind of bored by this development.

TDE Ruleset
As BigPoint states in an Interview, it is possible that they will go on with the Series even without the TDE ruleset, if the licence negotiations will fail.
What’s the point in giving the game a completely new ruleset that nobody knows? The world Radon Labs created on TDE-Rules is perfect as it is, and Drakensang wouldn’t work without them. It wont be Drakensang anymore. The thing that makes Drakensang so special is the unique atmosphere of TDE and its background setting.

BigPoint stated, that they are planning an online-version of Drakensang. As mentioned above there are already so many MMORPGs in WoW-style, that Drakensang would be just another one. Also to mention is, that with such concepts roleplay cease to exist and that would miss the point.
An Example for another way to create a Multiplayer game:
Bioware did a great job on Neverwinter Nights (1&2). The game comes with a perfect single player modus, as well as a unique multiplayer modus for “real” roleplaying. The toolset concept and the alternative for fans to create their own “Persistent World” on self managed servers is outstanding, and there is much potential in it. Besides Drakensang already comes with an open source engine.

We hope the licence holders will think about these arguments, and will be open minded to the interests of the fans.
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