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June 10th, 2010, 15:52
Tried a mission with the fighter before heading to the necropolis that kicked her ass. Seemed like a very cool (and medium length, IIRC) mission with some different types of critters to kill, but desperately needs somebody that can disable traps. Even on normal, the traps hit hard and there's plenty of the them. "Lair of Summoning" over in Kundark.

I don't really mind since I'm a solo player at heart, Corwin. I enjoy the multiplayer sessions because of the people that are in the group, and occasionally the adventures call for reinforcements (some day, I need to get my ranger thru Bookbinders like we did for the fighter), but the 3 toons I'm working with (I haven't run a mission with the cleric in a month) are all built to solo now that I've rebuilt the barby.
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