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June 10th, 2010, 20:43
Wel, sooooo … I began Morrowind only a few days ago. I downloaded a few Mods from the site linked above, which contains Mods translated into German language (even official ones), and I installed 2 small Mods by Sorcha. (Two shops, in fact.) I even translated them. She offered me to download them from a different site, since the download page she normall uses seems not to work for me.

Now, having used several Mods, I ran into a bug, that seems to be Mod-based, that's my impression.

What's happening in the bug is simply this: EVERY person I talk to, presents to me nothing bit (translated) "get out of my shop". Even the last person I must talk to in order to become a free person, that man who is looking like a Roman Legionaire.

So, this becomes a plot-stopper, because this bug prevents me from talking to him about "my" papers he needs to see (and take).

Right now I'm in the process of finding out which Mod causes this bug.

P.S. : Next year is 10 years of Morrowind … @the staff: Why not write a retrospective on it ?
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