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June 12th, 2010, 20:10
I found Buccaneer's Walkway today.

I took my Sorc in, swapped out Magic Missile for Jump, and went looking.

When you leave the tavern, turn right outside of the gate and go back into the town through the next gate. There'll be a crumbling wall, with enough Jump, you can climb onto it, and then on to the Walkway. I was able to do it with a couple of tries, though I made the mistake of casting Expeditious Retreat as well, and thus had much too fast movement for the way I climbed it.

More than likely, it will take a Jump spell or pot, maybe even requiring a level 5 or better caster as well (at level 5, the spell gives a +20 bonus to Jump, +30 at level 9). Monks may be able to get it without trouble though.
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