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June 14th, 2010, 15:04
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
What's the Superman thing? Myself I played first Awakening with a character imported from DAO, a 2H fighter, Berserk and Blood. And for a Nightmare difficulty it wasn't a Nightmare difficulty from far. But Nightmare difficulty was liek a good Normal difficulty for me. Well apart in the last fight and the big dragon fight.

When I tried replayed, this time with a new character, a mage, I end in feeling the game too hard and felt that I was more limited in character class choices (ie spells and specializations chosen) and had perhaps choose a wrong build. It's weird but I gave up and didn't think try lower the difficulty to more standard setup.
I seem to have found that the dual-wielding specialization is pretty overpowered. Which will make the mage thing a more fun challenge, i think.

EDIT2: For mention there's a mod that unlocks all DAO specializations, it can be handy.
Oh cool! I'll try to google it then?
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