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June 16th, 2010, 16:01
I decided once again to postpone forming my own opinion on Alpha Protocol (I'm so confused) and I started playing Scratches (Director's cut) instead - because the weather's very hot right now and I need to leave my window open at night and I still have trouble sleeping due to the heat, so I figured, let's find a nice relaxing game to play before going to bed to calm my nerves and make me feel safe… and so Scratches it is.

Well… I haven't lost any sleep yet - not from the game at least, that pizza I ate last night was a bit too much though - but that doesn't happen easily anyway… the Lost Crown was the only game that got to me a bit, other than that horror does tend to relax me, probably because I'm sick or something.

The problem I'm having however is that this has to be the only first-person adventure game I've played since… Risen I think - and that was more than a decade ago. I avoid those for have a reason… the bloody thing is giving me terrible motion sickness. So it seems I'll have to go through it in many short sessions. Reviews tend to be rather obscure when difficulty is concerned, but hopefully it will be on the easy side and I won't get stuck at any point for too long because I'd hate to give it up halfway through due to the camera making me dizzy.
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