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June 18th, 2010, 15:53
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
So we have all done them, collect 15 pieces of X to get reward Y from me.

Go from person A to person B with message C.

Kill ten monsters of type Z.

What I am woundering is if anyone acctually enjoy these kind of quests? ussually my first reaction when I get them in RPG's these days is…… not again.

What are your thought about these kind of quests. Is there any point to them ? do you want them in your RPG game?

If there is a nice backstory writen why monster type Z must be killed. Or why Person A needs something delivered to person B. Make me care about this objective. I think it would be fun if you would add twists and turns to these harmless looking quests.

Like you would be mentoring and some young militiaman on his first official mission (helping him to kill wulfs that are threathning the village), so that he would gain prestige with the village elder and could marry his daughter. OR you could totally make him look like a tool and destroy youngsters chance for happiness which would lead them running away from the village etc. Later on you would run into them in some big town and they would try to repay you for your evil deeds. At that point you could try to restore your wrong deeds or kill them outright or take advantage of them…

An other example. Maybe the reason why person A asks you to deliver some goods is because he desires to frame you for some reason (old revenge, conspiracy and so forth). The goods he asks you to deliver are actually stolen/illegal/dangerous and thus you end up trouble with the local law enforcement and the judge throws you into jail which leads to…

Or what if the wulfs attacking the village because of some ancient curse and you could try to lift it and restore natural order of things. Or they are attacking the village because local hunter hasn't done his proper job due to drinking problem. Or the wulfs are actually summoned by a local druid who is not happy how villagers are treating their cattle/nature…

Well you'll get the picture. "Kill monster z" , "deliver item c from a to b" or "find item C and bring it to A" are all meaningless tasks if there is no story writen around this task. It can be a basic delivering job if you write it in an intresting way. It doesn't have to lead to massive conspiracy quest or anything. What if the dialog itself was just extremly funny which would justify the meaningless task to player. Or what if he could ask the guy for a favour that would influence the main storyline much later on in a way that you could have never guessed.

Just make them intresting.
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