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June 18th, 2010, 18:50
I don't mind those types of quests, in fact, I expect them. The thing is not making them the core of the game (like in WoW and other WoW clones) and not make them as you say… pointless.
A different approach to them would be to not make it a 'fetch me x' or 'kill x of stuff' quest, but just a 'help me do something' and you might end up killing 10 creatures to get enough leather to help the dude, or you might need to go to New Hamburgershire to get the hammer, etc.
Let's face it, almost every fantasy story can be reduced to a 'go and click', 'fetch me' or 'kill stuff', with the occasional detective quest. The Lord of the Rings was just a 'go and click on a glowie (to throw the ring into the fire)' quest.
You can also spice them up, like when you go and click, the glowie is behind a wall, to open the wall you have a puzzle, or a subquest, etc.
The problem as you say is not the type of quests, but their typical 'pointlessness' in most RPGs.
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