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June 21st, 2010, 08:25
"The Witcher 2 does away with the stance system in favor of a more console-like combo system. There’s a heavy attack, light attack, magic attack, block and a dodge button."
Hell no , console pad curse for mouse & keyboard users !

"Currently, there’s only a PC version planned. It’s clear they’re positioning it for a console release, but that appears to be depending on funding."
So why the consolisation ?

"the players will feel that it's because the long, travelling-based quests are missing"
TW1 had long travelling? without the loading screens travelling from swamp's camp to trade quarter was like 5' , i 'd like someone to ask about inventory issues , specially the trophies where you had to go back just to pick another head.

"we've presented things (sex) with cinematics"
I hope this time the cinematics will be skippable , sex in games is usually disturbing (for me) .
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