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June 29th, 2010, 04:32
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I gave AFtD a try, and didn't like it. Besides all the things that have already been pointed out, I also really hated the camera, and how there was no fog of war. You can scroll the map and see every creature, item, etc. without moving.
Yeah, this is DEFINITELY a game that is stuck in the '90's (as expected from russkies) the camera control is AWFUL, the engine is AWFUL, the translation is AWFUL, however I'm hoping to manage to slog through to the end.

If this game had been released in 1998 it'd've been a hit IFF they had good translation, however the limits of their engine and camera control are just hilariously CCCP quality… at best a sub $10 effort esp. given the low budget winner Drakensang…

(1C seems to be building their rep as a publisher of shit… I'm surprised that Valve took this one on while Planet Alcatraz seems to have had a better critical reception, but since it's only available from Gamersgate for a ludicrous $20 I'll wait for a $5 or less sale…)

magerette needs MAJOR kudos forf playing this POS to the end…

Fog of war comment: yeah you can scroll to any area on the map, but AFAIK(and have seen) enemy mobs only show if your chars are nearby.. not much better, but…

It just makes me wonder how the russkies crap out shit like this while CD Projekt is able to make a wonderful game like The Witcher, and another Polish company whose name I've forgotten make a decent ARPG like Two Worlds… sad…

I'm frightened for Disciples III now, but then again, maybe I should've gotten Star Wolves 2(er 3): Civil War instead…
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