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June 30th, 2010, 02:36
Here's little game that I made few years back.

Some features:
  • Big world map (10 000 blocks)
  • 60 smaller areas to explore
  • Almost 40 races to pick from
  • 22 Guilds to join.
  • 60 Quests to solve, which rewards Quest Points for special Boons
  • Day and Night cycle
  • Real-time combat and gameplay
  • Respawning monsters, who also will get angry, follow you and attack you!
  • Companions - Hirable and summonable
  • Hungry, you need to eat or suffer the penalties.
  • Over 100 invidual spells ranging from combat spells to buffs and informative spells.
  • Over 100 skills, both active and passive. And separate weapon skills that only grow by using appropriate weapon in combat.
  • Over 400 items, including weapons, armors, tools etc.
  • 100 experience levels to gain

Basic idea is to kill mobs and gain Xp and loot. You also gain experience points by discovering new areas, so you should start with that and do at least first five levels by exploring. And when you level up, you need to solve a quest every five. After first ten levels, you need to join a guild to learn and train new skills and spells, but in order to join a guild you first have to find the guildmaster and complete the quest he/she gives to you. There is 4 different backgrounds for your characters, which defines what guilds you may join and those are: Brutal (Barbarians guild etc), Civilized (Bard etc.), Clerical (Priest etc.) and Magical (Wizard etc.). Once you finish your first guild in level 40, you may/must join a new guild until you reach the maximum level.

You also need to take care that you keep your reputation close your chosen alignment (good, evil and neutral) or you suffer luck penalty, but if you do you'll get a bonus. When ever you feel bored to your choice of character, you need not to start new game, but istead you may reincarnate your character, thus losing some percentage of your total experience points, but you can start from level 1 again with fresh background and race.

I've spent good deal of my youth in teenager doing this from 1997… ???. It runs in DOS, but works beautifully even in Win7. It has over 2000 files and almost 10k lines of code. But back then my english was less than perfect as were my coding skills, so expect bugs and poor english.

Some screens:

AS you can see, it's a text-based game, but I'm seriously thinking about porting this game to more graphical interface, tile graphics or so during this summer.

Download: WoMM v1.12
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