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June 30th, 2010, 02:44
Originally Posted by RivianWitch View Post
Does the game have a zoom function? Some of the screenies showing a high overhead view have put me off, but then other screenies seem to have a much closer, OTS view?
Yep, Q and E zoom in and out, and I discovered quite by accident that A, W, S, and D which pan the display also can rotated the camera when pressed in conjunction with the CONTROL key. Nice of them to bother documenting this, NOT!

As to the ailing hangers on, they, apparently, don't croak in Hilandia as I discovered a second was even worse off than the one that I originally wanted to heal, as in what looked to be almost zero health.

The engine's like a crappy version of the Infinity Engine written several years later.

A NOTE on zooming: I don't seem to be able to zoom as close in as some of the screenshots on the default settings, but I'd guess there's a way to maybe change that. I haven't bothered to investigate yet as I usually max out zooming to better control the tactical situation, and better see the ubiquitous scenery objects to destroy for various ph47 1007(TM).

Hmmm… I had another quibble, but it escapes me ATM, but I'm sure to remember it again as soon as I subject myself to this game.

Voicing seems to be borked, or I misunderstand what's to be voiced as I get the music and FX but no voices AFAICS yet beyond the pre-recorded video narrations… kind of odd for a game so large as the gfx are nothing this side of the turn of the millenia… and even not up to BG standards…

Forgot Space Rangers in the list of good game, but IIRC BOTH SR & Stalker are by Ukrainians…

The main looking config file appears to be the one named nvdd.ini which is in your profiles directory.

Looks to have a ton of settings in there, but I haven't had a chance to try changing any of them yet… and don't recall seeing it documented anywhere, although I seem to recall reading somewhere that this engine has been used in other games so there might be something to dig up about the engine elsewhere…

I remember two of the other quibbles now: pathing is beyond AWFUL… and that fog at the borders of the display?! (It's REALLY obvious when you zoon out max… kind of feeble for a game with such high sys reqs…)
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