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July 1st, 2010, 19:56
I spent several hours with Peter's DDOWiki last night. The thing that bugged me about it is that everything is structured around group play. So, for example, they pretty much avoid the heal skill for all classes with the logic that the party healer can do more good anyway. That's all well and good until there isn't a party healer. At that point, an extra 10 points at the heal shrine looks a little more valuable. They say (as did Peter) that it's more efficient to cast detect secret doors or use a wand. That's all well and good until you're soloing a barbarian. I'm really not disputing the logic, because it's perfectly sound, but I'm not sure I'm operating in the context the logic is intended for.

I think my malfunction is locking into a single player mentality for a group game. To some extent, it's the "right" approach since a "self-sufficient" toon can function in a group while a "party optimized" toon is going to have gaping holes in their abilities when going solo. Add in my "complete-ist" disease prompting certain priorities and it might simply be an unsolvable equation.

For the record, I don't understand all the fuss over Clear the Air. All 3 toons solo'd that without much trouble (the barby did die on his first attempt due solely to my impatience, but did just fine on round 2), and I'm certainly no powergamer. Proof, on the other hand, kicked 2 toons hard enough that I didn't even try the 3rd one. I probably ought to give it another swing some day.
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