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July 1st, 2010, 22:14
It is more effective to pop a couple of CLW potions than put limited skill points into Heal. You can always get more gold and potions, you only get so many skill points. Clerics, for example, get 1 + INT mod. Most of them are going to have 1-2 (for humans and drow). You have Concentration, and Balance as necessities. Where will you put heal? Only Rogues, Monks, Bards, and Rangers get a good amount of skill points normally, and Wizards due to having high INT scores.

You can get items which cast spells, which can be used by all classes. This is what me, peter, and the wiki is saying to use. I have two cloaks and a pair of boots which have 3 uses of Detect Secret Doors per rest on different characters. No UMD needed, or caster levels. My sorcerer and bard carry the wands. My wizard will eventually as well, if I ever get around to playing it. Many carry Divine Power/Favor clickie items as well, which give combat boosts that are otherwise Cleric/FvS/Paladin only.

Clear the Air is a tough one for a newer player, or one who likes to zerg. I've soloed it with several characters as well, since that first time in there where we wiped twice. Some others like Tear of Dharkan or Proof is in the Poison are challenging quests even with a group.

If you want secrets, one or two items that can cast Secret Doors is far easier to obtain, and maintain, than pulling skill points from valuable skills to search. Especially since most classes can't get search up to a viable level anyway, due to being cross class. On a Barbarian, Intimidate (to draw aggro) and Balance are good. You likely won't have the skill points to maintain much else. Jump past 10 points is useless, tumble isn't much use past enough to get the actual tumble, etc…
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