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July 2nd, 2010, 15:13
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Btw: Who do you think developed KotOR?
OH SHEEEET! You got me there. I thought it was Bethesda..until I focused my FanboyVision 4000 on the huge BioWare logo on the launcher AND the opening movie. I.. I missed THAT??? But then again, you missed the point of my post again, so we are even.

I admit though, I didn't read a single article claiming Witcher had level design issues. No one ever mentioned things like "invisible barriers" or long-ass loading times when going into houses.. or dead barren world with nothing interesting between you and your target.. or same looking NPC's wandering around pretty much doing NOTHING (also, in interview CDProject even mentioned how people in the world actually do something other than moving around). Sure they could have made the world more lively and varied with better engine but meh!

Time to upgrade to FanboyVision 5000. Maybe I can learn to ignore huge flaws staring at me through the screen as well.

PS: What is funny is that my original post wasn't bashing Witcher, it was bashing ME and BioWare ONLY. Obviously hard stuff to grasp..




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