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July 2nd, 2010, 15:24
Another thing to mention is that soloing quests at mid-level is much harder. One reason is that the quests require a party who can do several tasks (disarm traps, heal, setup firewalls etc.). Some quests even have runes you need to open to get past. The most typical ones are for wisdom, intelligence and strength. It's hard for a solo character to do all these. At mid level the traps become quite nasty even at normal difficulty. A barbarian can be a trap monkey, but he will get addicted to healing potions. A wizard can forget about trying to get past the traps.

There is a reason why most PUG's wait before starting a quest until they have covered all these 4 key roles: tank, healer, caster and trap remover. The extra slots are often filled up with bards (great overall character who can do a little of all and have nice buffs), rangers, monks etc. The elite players know exactly how to splash their character build so you often see a tank with some rogue capability who can disarm traps. They usually have awesome items who can boost their search and disarm skills.

I think the only areas where you can normally succeed solo are the slayer and rares in areas like Gianthold, Desert etc. But even there you can quickly get overwhelmed so you need to know how to pull the monsters one by one.

It's certainly possible to do the quests solo when you're much higher than the intended quest level. Then you can do them for favor instead of XP.

I think that once you get past level 8-9 you will have a hard and maybe even boring time if you mainly play solo. You won't find many quest you can do and if you check out by trial and error you will get killed a lot. I guess it's better to play with your guild friends or join some PUG groups. The groups become a bit better at higher levels because most of the stupid newbies will never get to level 13-14.
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