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July 2nd, 2010, 15:39
But that doesn't mean you won't see bad PUG people at higher levels too. Two days ago I tried for the first time the raid part of the Vault of Night (VoN) series. The raid is chapter 5-6 and intended for level 10-14 characters. The end loot from chapter 6 is awesome and you get +6 items and others you can just dream about. So it's very popular and you can only join in every 2 day and 18 hours.

We got a raid group going and did it on hard. Part 5 was not so difficult except the end boss, an iron golem. The raid leader said he had tried it the day before and got a party wipe because a newbie had used firewalls and fireballs against the golem. He didn't know that fire actually HEALS the iron golem. So he without knowing it prevented the golem from going down. Our group didn't do that mistake and he went down pretty well. I had an XP enhancement potion and got 27k XP just from part 5.

Then we went to the short part 6 where we're facing an ancient red dragon out in the planes. We have to destroy 3 pillars at the same time and then rush to the door where the dragon is and enter at the same time. The door will close after 6 seconds and those who aren't in at the time will not be part of the end fight and get the end loot.

The bridge leading to the pillars is a trap because if two people are seen on the bridge at the same time the dragon will destroy it with fire breath and they will fall down to their death. It will also prevent the rest of the group from joining.

So people must get across one by one. If too many people are seen on the circle with the pillars the dragon will come out and probably kill the group. So the raid leader lets 3 people with great ranged attack go to each pillar and take them down from a distance. You can't get close because each pillar is protected by mephits who respawn all the time. Those are not regular mephits, but very old ones with lots of hit points.

The pillars must be brought down at the same time or they will regenerate to full strength. So the end fight is rather simple. We send 3 people to each pillar and let them shoot / use spells so the pillars fall down to 10%. Then the leaders tells them to use all they have so they will fall at the same time while the others move one by one up the bridge towards the door to the dragon (that will open when the pillars are destroyed).

Our raid group did exactly that and the raid leader was about to order the rest of us to get up the ramp. Unknown to me a player with a name like Harrypotter (paladin) or something had snuck up the bridge prematurely because he was curious. So he was at the top of the ramp with perfect view of the pillars and the dragon door. He saw it opened and decided to move towards the door ALONE. He went past and the door closed before the rest of the group was even nearby. So he faced the red dragon alone and died, of course. That meant the raid had no chance of winning.

The worst part was that he was known to have borked raids before by deliberately doing things like this at the very last moment. So we wasted an hour of real time and great end loot just because a player wanted to have fun ruining the fun for others.
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