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July 3rd, 2010, 00:34
Try You Tube. Every quest in the game that can be soloed at all has been soloed at level. It just takes a level of determination, skill, and luck, as well as gear, that I don't have. Even the "Epic" modes have largely been soloed. Even by Wizards. Some classes and builds have it easier than others, but all can solo about 90% of the game. Even some Raids have been soloed before.

It is not the "easy" way to do anything, and takes comparatively forever and much more resources than with a good group. You've got to learn to manage aggro, manage crowds, sp conservation, health conservation, etc…

Then, bad groups are like soloing, but with people who use more of your resources than you do. That's why I never pug with my Cleric.

In DDO, a single level of Rogue and any class with enough spare skill points can get the same level of skill with traps as a pure rogue. That's partially why Rogues are somewhat rare to see, though their sneak attack is excellent reason alone to have one.

As Peter said, a 25 STR gives no greater benefit than a 24 STR. Arhu, you could have saved 3 build points, dropping STR to 16 (and thus at equal effectiveness to your original number, and bumped DEX to 14 (increasing it's total mod by 1) and INT. On my Bard, which is a Drow, I went with 18 CHA because it saved 6 build points vs pushing it to 20. This went into CON. The +1 save DCs and some 50sp at level 20 aren't worth being dead most of the time. I'm still equally effective in spell casting as any human, elf, or halfling Bard. And I have a nice butt to look at when I play, though her current armor is hideous.

Always look to have an even stat number. I usually swap enhancements around when I can, to even the stats out. When I have an even stat, I ignore the enhancement unless I need it for something else (like needing CHA II for Radiant Servant II, IIRC).

I used my free Feat swap on Aerii to net Augment Summoning. It actually makes a difference. I reran Catacombs to finish the last bit to 8, on Hard, and my Spider lasted through almost all the quests without dying. Only Gerald Dryden's Tomb, where it took too long and the summon duration ran out, and the last one had me losing my Spider. And the last one ended before he died, I just didn't bother killing all the skeletons.

It was actually faster for my Cleric to let my Aura deal with the undead, and just turtle up. At one point, I had 10 skeletons on my, missing constantly, and it took about 10 seconds to kill them all, just holding shift. Fastest I'd ever ran that quest.
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