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July 3rd, 2010, 01:33
Originally Posted by cacaro View Post
Very interesting, I always love to see text-only rpgs, too bad there aren't more (at least in single player).

Also, I wouldn't say it's that "little" with all those features

As I said, I spent good deal time in my teenager years to make it as it is. I remember sitting in school scribbling notes on grid paper for maps and monsters to add.

Though had to admit that I copied lot of ideas from a MUD (multi-user-dungeon) online game called BatMUD, but since this is single players I had to change lot of aspects to make it work. And I had to come up with the formulas for calculating skill and spell success percentages.

For example, here's one for calculating chance of successful spellcast:
success = (RND * (100 + luck) + isConcentrated * (20 + Concentration /  5) + spellcasting / 5 + spellcasting_bonus / 5 + square_root(spell * 7)
success += intelligence/10  // if wiz spell
success += wisdom/10  // if priest spell
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