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July 6th, 2010, 16:53
In random roll creation there's always the chance you roll a super character. Do you make the game challenging for that character but then require a fine tuned character to play? Or do you make it easy enough for a poorly rolled character ( especially for CRPGs that try to attract a broad audience ) and then make it pitifully easy for veteran character builders?

I much prefer a point buy system. After playing D&D 3.0 games like NWN it's hard for me to go back and start old games based on 2.0. I think you can build a lot better gameplay and balance if you can anticipate most characters should be roughly equal ( in theory, charisma still sucks ).

The challenge to the designers doesn't end there of course. As Malk was pointing about not all stats are created equal and that wraps heavily around the skills, spells and classes available to that character. Using D&D 3.0 and Malk's example as a reference, the fighter/mage is never as good a killer (which 95% of CRPGs are about) as a pure mage or pure fighter.
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