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July 6th, 2010, 22:16
the article pretty much summarizes my thoughts. I think one of the main reasons I never got into many people's favorite games (Gothics and the like) is because you don't create a character. You start as a 0-nothing and for the first few hours you're either a nothing, or you're a 'generic fighter' until much later when you find specific classes trainers. I hate that, I want to start the game as a wizard or a rogue with their basic skills. My character is 21 years old (or whatever), he should know something, the basics of whatever he is, and not learn everything suddenly in a few days after the game starts.
I don't like random rolls though. I don't want to spend 1 hour clicking the same button over and over until I get a good character or characters, or have gimped characters that might not even be able to complete the adventure (or the alternative is having stats not matter much in the first place). Point buy is the way to go. In PnP, the DM rarely let you reroll characters. You would roll, and what you got is what you got (unless you got a really crappy character), that was the balancing factor in character creation that is not present in computer games.
Although I agree that some character systems got ridiculous (Seriously, if you thought D&D system was complex, try the Arkania games), I still like somewhat complex character creation systems. It is really half the game for me. Specially in party based games, creating a combination of classes for the group, should I have 2 fighters, a cleric, a mage, a rogue and an alchemist, or should I go with 1 tank and 3 hybrids, or maybe 3 ranged characters, maybe 2 clerics or a pure healer and a hybrid cleric/mage, etc. etc. etc.
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