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July 14th, 2010, 21:11
Originally Posted by Lurking Grue View Post
Interesting. Haven't tried this yet and need to give it a spin. One thing strikes me as something that could be really frustrating, though. If I understood this correctly, the game has an adventure game like text interface and real time combat. That's a combination I find very odd. Why not turn-based combat? With a text command interface, it'd seem the battles become contests of your typing prowess (if a "segment" goes by e.g. once in 3 sec, you'd better hope you can type 'attack minotaur #2' fast enough). Not to mention the time-honored fun of fighting the parser. I can imagine the following scenario:
Actually, you can use shortcuts. run shorted.exe and type your characters name. Then you can edit the shortcuts. It already comes with some basic shortcuts, like if you type "l" (lowercase L), it equals to look and typing "t" calls for stop, to end the fight. And you can also repeat commands, like calling "20 n" will move you 20 times to north.

The real time is much more interesting for several reasons. It actually used to be turn-based, but I changed it.
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