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July 15th, 2010, 12:03
I think its the advantage of computer games that you can use quite complex calculations internally. I guess what is important is that the end result is intuitive to the player, and that you take care to inform the player. So if the weights of my boots is important to movement, the effect should be small for normal boots but noticable for steel mail boots, and the game should let me know that - ideally in game, through a tooltip, and not on page 103 of the manual.

The other question is how serviceable such complicated mechanics are for you as a designer. If you consider weight for weapons in combat damage, maybe also for attack speed (AP cost) but also as a burden for your carrying capacity, are you happy with the tradeoffs that creates, or does it lock you in too much and balancing gets too difficult? If it feels constricting I'd ditch "numerical realism" for gameplay balance anytime.
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