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July 15th, 2010, 16:10
I think so, yes. I like games where everything is presented to me. When I grab a new sword, I want to know everything involved, to make an informed decision if it's better or not than my current weapon, or if it's better against skeletons or against vampires. But if there are too many variables, then it just becomes cumbersome.
I think there should be enough variables to make the system interesting, but not so many as to make it impossible for someone to keep track of it all:
- Weight for weapons? Good.
- Total weight of inventory affecting speed? Good.
- Specific weight of a weapon affecting attack speed but only when slashing? Bad.

When a weapon is as simple as "1-8 damage" it's easy to compare against a "2-7" damage weapon. But when you add more variables… is a "1-8 damage, 3 pound, slashing, 1.7 attacks/second, .8 rate of decay, silver, short" weapon better than a "2-10 damage, 3.8 pound, crushing, 1.6 attacks/second, 1.2 rate of decay, adamantium, medium" weapon? At some point there are just too many variables and the whole thing crumbles and players just decide to always use the biggest damage weapon and ignore everything else, and all the extra developing work on programming all those factors is wasted.
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