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July 17th, 2010, 13:48
Hard question. As far as the actual endings go, I have my favorites. But endgame? Difficult to answer because I think RPGs are often horrendous in this area, often providing absolutely awful "end levels", often with the grand old "a million enemies that you have to beat down" design that I hate so much.

That said, Fallout is probably the clear winner here because there was a nice amount of choice on *how* I wanted to handle things. Plus the ending itself is a classic.

I also liked the MotB end-game because while there was a lot of fighting, there was good variety in the actual levels and it didn't feel as if you were stuck, treading the same mill for ages. The pace is kept fairly quick.

The actual ending of PS:T is wonderful but the parts of combat before it (which is even more soured considering how the post-leaving-Sigil game is kinda bad) were just a chore.
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