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July 18th, 2010, 22:14
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Heck, I find DDO too complex for me. Every time I get a new weapon for one of my characters, I have to ask someone to explain to me why it is better, or worse than my previous weapon. For example; Is a +11, 1d4, +7, +4 dagger better than a +9, 1d6, +6, +2 Quarterstaff??!! I kid you not.
The first plus number is your base attack bonus. The second your damage die, third any damage enhancements (STR and enchantment). The final is just the enchantment.

The Dagger would do 8-13 points of damage, the quarterstaff 7-12. Dagger would also hit more often (technically 10% on a D20 roll). But, if you're single-weapon fighting, the THF quarterstaff would swing slightly more often, and have glancing blows which would give it a slight edge over the dagger.
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