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Default Optimal Size of a RPG party

July 19th, 2010, 16:43
I really cannot decide how many characters to allow max in the party and which is optimal for the gameplay.

4 is too few ( because there are several story characters so too few for your own ones + it is too few to really use all the tactical possibilities in the game )

Acctually I want to allow 8 characters but I am a bit worried that's too many.

that could leave me at the magic number of 6… but I still really want 8.

What do you guys think is the ultimate party size? and is 8 characters too big for an RPG, I only know of a few RPG's which allow such a big party……..

help out with lots of advice please!

Of course I am aware it also depends on the game, but people here probably read up quite a bit on the game already……
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