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July 19th, 2010, 16:44
Wizards and Warriors is the only western RPG I can think of with 8 characters in the party. Perhaps that explains why it was such a bugfest.

Traditionally, parties run between 4 and 6, as you know. Aside from control and balance issues, I think you have to look at skill coverage to lead you to an answer for your question. Think about Wiz8. It was impossible, without a practically useless party, to cover all the skills in the game, but a party of 6 could cover most of them. That meant that you could, with just a little attention, build a party that could be successful, but it would take a replay to "see it all in action". That's the balance you have to hit: enough characters so the player can cover all the important skills (healing, spells, locks-n-traps, melee, ranged, search-n-spot, conversational, etc) with a taste of some "flavor" skills, but not enough characters to cover every skill and "flavor" in the game.
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