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July 19th, 2010, 20:20
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
That's the balance you have to hit: enough characters so the player can cover all the important skills (healing, spells, locks-n-traps, melee, ranged, search-n-spot, conversational, etc) with a taste of some "flavor" skills, but not enough characters to cover every skill and "flavor" in the game.
That brings me to a quiestion : How does it compare with modern playing styles ?

There is currently a playing style imho far too common that consists of

- tanks
- healers/supporters

In the official forums of Drakensang, I even found a few people playing even Drakensang 2 that way (Drakensang put much more role-play into it than Drakensang 1, which was more combat-oriented).

and that although everyone (at least in German) knows or should know that TDE is a rather role-playing orinted environment; not so much combat-oriented as I see (A)D&D.

And now, with this layout of party members, how would a party consisting of 8 be ? 4 tanks, 4 healers/supporters ?

Not that I'd like to play it this way, but this is simply a playing style that has been developed within the recent years.

Therefore, a thing like variety would be nice. There could be a variety of skills like there could be a variety of classes (like the traditional setup of rogues, magies, warriors, thieves etc.), perhaps even with things that for example only a thief would be able to solve, no mage, no warrior could do that.
On the other hand this could lead into frustration, too. Because not everyone would perhaps have a thief in the own party. Except when one is automatically joined by the system.

Therefore I'm pro to dte's suggestion. There could be "favour skills", but I think it would be nice if they did have an effect within the game, too. Like cooking, for example. Would be cheaper than having to buy everything.
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